uPVC Spray Painting is a revolutionary process applying the latest technological developments in molecular bonding that can transform ageing and old fashioned uPVC.

Before uPVC spray painting became available property  owners had little choice but to spend thousands replacing their uPVC windows, doors and conservatories.

2. uPVC Preperation

The i-Bond team will now start preparing all surfaces to be spray painted. By using specific chemicals the surface is cleaned and degreased leaving a surface ready for our molecular bond spray paint. All old silicone is also removed for the Ultimate professional finish

1. Arrival

When the i-bond team arrive at your Property they will firstly carry out a Risk Assessment to ensure all work is carried out safely. Next all furniture will be move or covered with Plastic sheeting.
All floor/ground areas will be cover by drop clothes.

3. Masking

Once all areas have been cleaned the masking process can now begin. The 

 i-Bond team will mask all areas to prevent the spay paint getting into unwanted areas.
All handles and accessories will also removed also.

4. Apply Bonding Paint

Now that all areas have been masked off the specialist spray paint can now be applied.

i-Bond utilise specialise spraying equipment to ensure the best finish possible. The uPVC is spray painted by one of our trained spray painting Technicians. The windows and doors are resealed with silicone matching the new coating

5. Completion

Once the spray painting of the molecular bonded paint is applied it will be left for a period of time to cure. Once this happens the

i-Bond team will remove all masking and clean up the general area.  The doors and windows will also now be resealed with mastic match the new colour of coating